Uschi Hornung

My name is Uschi Hornung, I am 57 years old and live in Radolfzell on the beautiful Lake Constance.

I fell in love with dogs in 1993 with my Wolfspitz bitch Gina. With her I made my first experiences in the dog sport and tried myself in the tournament dog sport. I discovered my passion for agility shortly after this sport became known in 1995 in the southwest. With successful completion of the trainer’s license I am still active as a trainer at the Hundefreunde Singen. My Wolfspitz was not the typical sport dog; nevertheless, we made it to the A3 and even became state champions in the DVG state association of Baden-Württemberg.

This was followed by my first Sheltie bitch Pat, who was very successful in agility with state championship titles, participation in world championship qualifications and a 3rd place at the DVG Bundessiegerprüfung. With my second Sheltie bitch Gin I was also very successful and achieved several state championship titles. Several times we took part in the DVG-Bundessiegerprüfung and the VDH-DM. Besides Agility I was also very successful with Gin in Obedience and RallyObedience and won several times the national championship title.

Meanwhile she is 13 years old and enjoys her well-deserved retirement. Currently I compete with my Sheltie’s Benita (7 years) in class 3 and with Iffi (3 years) in class 2. Benita was also active in Obedience and RallyObedience until we discovered Hoopers about 3 years ago, where she is enthusiastic.

In 1999 I started my training to become an agility performance judge in the DVG, which I successfully completed in 2000. In 2005 I was accepted into the international judges list. In addition to my coaching and judging activities, I have been the chairman for agility in the DVG regional association of Baden-Württemberg for over 20 years and take care of all matters concerning this sport. Agility is a great sport, which I enjoy both as a dog handler and as a trainer. As a judge, it always fascinates me to design courses that are challenging for the handlers, but still allow the dogs to run smoothly and fluently.

I am very happy to be part of SwissAgilityGames!

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