General information

  • The camping site is located directly next to the tournament site.
  • Access to the campsite is possible from Saturday at 08.00h.
  • There is no possibility to drive to the campsite earlier!
  • The campsite must be vacated on the last Sunday at 15.00h!

Camping spots

All camping plots have a standard size of 70m2 (10x7m).

Power connection

Power distribution boxes are available. Please share the connections with your neighbours and help each other! All power distributors have a Euro plug connection.

Please note that you will need an extension cable of 50 meters.

Vehicles on the premises

Cars can be parked on the camping grounds. However, during tournament hours (08.00 to 18.00) we ask you to move your vehicles only in case of emergency. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Waste management

Please do not litter, use the trash cans at the campground and throughout the grounds. Help to separate the waste!

Sanitary facilities

Toilets, showers and facilities for washing dishes are available on the premises and accessible at all times.

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