The idea

The goal of SwissAgilityGames is to experience the sport of agility “together” again. We want to offer a week of vacation with your dog, family and friends in beautiful, quiet nature to every competing team.

Perfect location

The grounds of the Griesbach equestrian centre offer plenty of space and a perfect infrastructure. Right next to the tuning area with 4 course areas, there are generous camping plots for all teams, each with 70m2 of parking space. Electricity and water is included for all campers.

There are also plenty of showers and toilets.

Shops and restaurants are right next to the course areas. This gives spectators the best overview of the entire tournament. The bistro is open all day and becomes a relaxing bar in the late afternoon, where the award ceremonies are held every evening.

Only 10 minutes away from the tournament site is the old town of Schaffhausen, an interesting excursion destination with numerous sights. A tour of the Munot, a fortification and landmark of the city, or even the Rhine Falls will delight all visitors.

Living for Agility

But despite everything, the focus is on sport. The programme includes 6 days of agility with sporty but class-appropriate courses, a strong starting field and international judges.

Every day there is an agility and jumping run in each class, plus a new or familiar game such as gambler, relay, snooker, time-fault-out, etc.

The dogs run on 4 sporty, non-slip quartz sand courses that provide a gentle surface for the dogs and are a lot of fun to run.

Two of the course areas are roofed, so that even in the rain an uninterrupted tournament is possible.


The SwissAgilityGames are organised by the SwissAgilityGames Association with the support of the SKG Association Underdogs and

The organiser and responsible for the implementation is Urs Inglin ( As organiser of the SwissAgilityCup (2012-2021), 5 Swiss Championships and many other tournaments, he has the experience to plan and implement an event of this size.

Event partner

We look forward to the support of our partner Client Systems AG. ClientSystems offers customised and high-performance IT services for SMEs, tourism and the hotel industry.

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