General information

We are very much looking forward to the SwissAgilityGames 23 as we have already put a lot of time and effort into this great event. After 15 months of preparation we can finally start with the SwissAgilityGames. But we are dependent on YOUR help, tolerance and willingness, only so our event can be a nice, sporty vacation weeks for ALL.

That is why there are some rules:


  • Leash is compulsory on the whole area
  • It is compulsory to pick up feces of your dogs everywhere (also on the walks)
  • Avoid unnecessary barking of your dogs
  • There is an absolute dog ban on the Kneipp facility in the forest! Disregard will be punished with exclusion from the event, and immediate departure!


  • The camping can be occupied independently on 12.08.23 from 08:00h according to the allocation.
  • Group places are not assigned by name, the places are distributed by the group participants themselves.
  • The camping must be cleanly cleared on Sunday, 20.08.23 at 13:00h.
  • Everybody disposes of his waste according to the concept at the garbage zone (separated into glass, aluminum, PET, cardboard and residual waste).
  • Please be considerate with power consumption.
  • Cars can be parked on the camping field. However, the camping roads are only passable from 13:00h-14:00h, otherwise they are closed! If you need your car, you can leave it at the front at the parking lot.
  • The camping roads must be completely free all the time of the event.
  • Avoid unnecessary noise (mutual respect!)
  • Be careful with open fire in case of great dryness!


  • The start must be done with the QR code provided. No start is possible without QR code.
  • Multiple starters please use the correct QR code for the correct dog. In case of misconduct, the result will be cancelled.
  • The starting order must be respected so that a reliable schedule is possible. No voluntary, unnecessary reordering except for multiple dog owners when there is overlap. This must be organized on site with the affected participants themselves (we ask again for mutual respect!).
  • Each starter must start his helper duties on time. Multiple starters provide a replacement themselves! Disregard will be punished with exclusion from the event, and immediate departure!
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