General information

We ask all participants …

  • to wear the start number visibly. This way you help us to keep the schedule efficient and it is clear for each participant which number will start.
  • Stick to the schedule.  Briefings stay on scedule and will not be held earlier. If a participant is running with more than one dog, find a solution with the helpers of your course.
  • Arrive punctually for helpers’ assignments. Please note the helper schedules, which will be handed in at the check-in with the start number and posted daily at the clubhouse.  

Helping out on the course

Each participating team commits itself with the registration to be available as a helper. The completion of the registered runs is of course guaranteed.
Every Helper will receive a thank-you for their first help and CHF 5 in cash for each subsequent help. 

Young dogs which do not yet have a Swiss licence

For participants from Switzerland who wish to compete with their young dogs and do not yet have a licence for this dog, they must request the licence number before registering. Only dogs registered with a valid licence can be entered for tournaments on

Leash obligation

Throughout the week, leashes are compulsory on the campsite, show grounds and 1 km around the show grounds (walk).   Note that there is a lot of wildlife (deer, foxes, hares, badgers) mainly during dusk and at night. Protect cultivated land  (tall grass, grain, vegetables) and don’t let your dog run free!

Dog waste

It is compulsory that dog waste is picked up always and everywhere. Poo bags are to be disposed of in the waste bins and not left by the wayside!   

Check in

On Saturday, check-in is available from 17:00h – 19:00h at the clubhouse / competition office.   Teams arriving on Sunday can check in until 11.00 am.     


Veterinarians will be available for emergencies during the tournament. In case of emergency, please report to the competition office.


Payment can only be made in CHF on the entire site.


Teams that do not start any more can pick up the performance booklets at the earliest one hour after the last run, at the competition office. On the last day of the tournament, the performance booklets must be picked up by 20:00h at the latest.  

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