SWAG24 cancelled

Huy Huy and hello,

unfortunately the SwissAgilityGames will not take place in 2024! Authorities are redefining and reorganizing the approval processes for the Griebach location, so far the process is not yet clear, and therefore we do not have a binding commitment that we can host our SwissAgilityGames. We had to make this decision now, which is why the SwissAgilityGames24 will unfortunately not take place.

Feedback for the SwissAgilityGames23 was nothing but positive from all sides – including the authorities. So as soon as we know how the approval procedure for the permit will be defined, we will tackle the SwissAgilityGames25.

The SwissAgilityGames25 will take place from Saturday 02.08. to Sun 10.08.2025. Registration will be on Wednesday, 29.01.2025.

We are very sorry, we would have loved to spend a cool week with you again this year.

All the best,
Urs Inglin

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